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Amazon Stores Permanently Closing, What Now?

Written by John Edeson Sayoc, Photo Editor
Mar 20, 2022

End of an Era As of Sunday, March 20, most of or all Amazon Books, Amazon 4-Star, and Pop Up shops will be closed down permanently. This means 68 stores...

Rio Hondo College Will Begin Promoting Calfresh to Students

Written by Jeffrey Barragan, Copy Editor
Sep 27, 2021

Rio Hondo College recently announced it will receive a $432,726 grant from the Calfresh program beginning in Oct until Sept of 2024. Calfresh is part of...

Streaming Services Hurt Movie Theaters

Written by Ryan Leon, Online Editor-in-Chief
Sep 22, 2021

As we continue to grapple with the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic, movie theaters are slowly making a comeback. In March 2020, movie theaters across the...

Amazon makes AirPods Competitior using Alexa

Apr 17, 2019

Amazon already has its foot in the electronic's door with items like Alexa. They have decided to transform this device into their own versions of the Apple...

Amazon Working With ICE Agents

Written by Vincent Franco , Digital Photo Editor
Nov 20, 2018
An open letter had been sent out by Amazon employees calling out Chief Executive Jeffrey P. Bezos on their sale contracts with ICE for AWS Rekognition, or powerful facial recognition

Rio’s Club Rush brings over 20 clubs to explore on Sep. 4 and 5

Rio Hondo's annual Club Rush is here! Over 20 Clubs to join and explore. 
Written by Erika Suarez , Online Editor-In-Chief
Sep 4, 2018

  Club Rush's lively event presents you with Power 106. Bringing everyone together with Hip-Hop and captivating students with giveaways for...

Amazon, You Need to Take “Cosby” Off Prime Video Right Now

Written by Michael Khuraibet, Digital Editor-in-Chief
May 4, 2018

Someone at Amazon missed a very important memo. One week ago, Bill Cosby was convicted of sexual assault. Earlier today, the Academy of Motion Picture...

Trump’s War on Amazon

Written by Michael Khuraibet, Digital Editor-in-Chief
Apr 2, 2018

Early Thursday morning, President Donald Trump began to wage war on an enemy the United States has never battled: Continuing through Monday,...

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