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DC FanDome 2021 Highlights

What's to come out of DC in the upcoming year.
Christopher “Luci” Elias October 20, 2021

No More Comic-Con? In the midst of a pandemic DC decided to make all of their big announcements on their own. Out of that idea DC FanDome 2020 was born. A completely virtual event centered around all upcoming DC comic, EU, cartoon, and video game projects. With DC FanDome 2021 coming out last Saturday...

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A pumpkin and cobwebs signifying the start of the Halloween spooky season.

2021 Halloween Events in Southern California

Cassidy Anderson October 11, 2021

Spooky season is here, and every year the Halloween holiday brings loads of fun events to participate in. From pumpkin-carving to horrifying mazes, the options are endless. Here’s a list of the top attractions to bring friends and family to this season.  Halloween-Themed Concerts “The Nightmare...

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“Wonder Woman 1984”: A Mediocre Sequel

A Disappointing Follow-Up to 2017's "Wonder Woman"
Sam Garcia, News Editor December 26, 2020

After three years, "Wonder Woman 1984" is finally here. The long awaited sequel to 2017’s “Wonder Woman” arrived on HBO Max Christmas Day. Patty Jenkins returns to the director’s chair alongside Gal Gadot and Chris Pine as the titular heroine and her love interest, respectively. Joining them...

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Film Awards Season: Streaming Edition?

Ethan Huang, Reporter October 26, 2020

With 2021 approaching quickly, there is question regarding how the current pandemic will affect film awards season. Several months ago, the Academy had decided to adjust the eligibility of films in order to fit with 2020's circumstances. This included allowing streaming and video on demand films to qualify...

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“On The Rocks” Review

Sam Garcia, News Editor October 25, 2020

Sofia Coppola’s “On The Rocks” follows a father and daughter as they try to find out if the daughter’s husband is cheating on her. Laura (Rashida Jones) becomes suspicious of her husband, Dean (Marlon Wayans), when she finds a woman’s toiletry bag in his luggage. So she enlists the help of...

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Despite a confusing explanation of time travel, Tenet contains an engaging storyline, spectacular fight sequences, and phenomenal acting from its cast.

Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” is a Mind-Bending Action Flick

Sam Garcia, News Editor October 15, 2020

If you didn’t like the mind-boggling antics of “Inception,” then you probably - most definitely - won’t like Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet.” But you will enjoy it more than "Interstellar." Initially slated for theaters on July 17, the film was postponed to July 31, then August 12 because of...

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Movie Release Dates Delayed, Sent to Streaming

Wesley Fukuda October 15, 2020

It has not been a good year for the film industry to say the least. Many highly anticipated movies unfortunately had their release dates delayed due to the Coronavirus. Because of the virus, all movie theaters have had to shut down, with only a few theaters reopening. Movies in production had their original...

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Review: 43rd Anniversary of “Titicut Follies”

Sam Garcia, News Editor October 3, 2020

Released in 1967, “Titicut Follies” gave audiences a look at the mistreatment of patients at Bridgewater Hospital for the criminally insane. Since today marks the film’s 43rd anniversary, Sam Garcia takes a look back and reviews the unsettling film, banned from general distribution for over 20...

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The Game of Thrones Season 8 Playlist on Spotify is Here

Created by co-creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss
Cesar E. Gonzalez, Reporter April 11, 2019

The final countdown to the last season of Game of Thrones featured on HBO is finally upon us! What better way to guess an outcome of the finale with the announcement of a music playlist. Titled, "Game of Thrones: The End is Coming," was put together by the two co-creators of the show and is a total of...

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R. Kelly performs at the 2013 BET Awards in Los Angeles.

R.Kelly Charged With 10 Counts of Sexual Abuse of Four Alleged Victims

Erika Suarez , Online Editor-In-Chief February 25, 2019

R&B Singer R.Kelly was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, reported Friday morning. The 10 count charge involves four victims, and at least three of them underage that occurred over a span of a dozen years. Cook County prosecutors allege the abuse happened between 1998...

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Review: Halloween

Jennifer España, Managing Editor October 26, 2018

Trick or treat! It’s the boogeyman, returning to the big screen after his theatrical debut back in 1978. The story follows Michael Myers, a six-year-old boy who commits a gruesome murder on All-Hallows-Eve. 15 years after committing the murder of his eldest sister, Myers escapes the mental institution...

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Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester, Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam in CWs Supernatural.

Critical Review: Supernatural Season 14

Cesar E. Gonzalez, Opinion Editor October 25, 2018

If you aren’t familiar with CW’s Supernatural, then you are in for a real Halloween treat. Eric Kripke’s Supernatural first aired September 2005, and, 13 years and 13 seasons later it is still going strong. If you’re a huge action-drama-occult loving viewer who enjoys a dash of humor with...

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