The World Baseball Classic has Changed International Baseball Forever

The fifth installment of the World Baseball Classic has become one of the biggest international tournaments in the world, and it’s only been two weeks. After a 6 year hiatus due to the pandemic, the tournament is back and better than ever, filled with stars of the sport from across the globe. 

For this year’s tournament, all the stars of baseball showed up to compete for their respective countries. 

The popularity of the tournament has grown significantly since the 2017 edition. The talent showcased on the field is a big reason for that. Players like Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani pathed the way for other superstars of Major League Baseball to join the fun in the WBC. 

Injuries are a Big Factor

One of the biggest questions for many players and fans of the MLB is the high risk of injury for the upcoming 2023 season. We have already seen freak accidents happen in the tournament such as Edwin Diaz of Puerto Rico breaking his knee at the end of the game against the Dominican Republic. 

While injuries are given, even in a 2-week tournament, players showed their praise for the classic and want more MLB players to play in the next iteration of the World Baseball Classic. The sport has grown so much in the past two weeks that TV and social media ratings are breaking records by large margins. 

Upcoming stars from across the world are the given opportunity to showcase their talents as well. Major League scouts and fans can see them play at a high level. The event has also given established players to play for their country in a playoff atmosphere in the month of March. 

The tournament has the potential to be as big as the World Cup, which is by far the biggest international event in the world. More time in the mainstream of social media will help this event get to that level. As for 2023, the World Baseball Classic has provided some of the best baseball ever played on the diamond.