RHC Fall to Mt.SAC


Nicole Lule in her singles game versus Mount San Antonio College on Thursday March 23 at Rio Hondo College.

Rio Hondo’s women’s tennis team falls to Mt. San Antonio(MT.SAC) 3-6 on Thursday March 23, at Rio Hondo College. The lady roadrunners put up a good fight through their sets. They gave MT.SAC trouble as they made them work for their win.



Nicole Lule and Daisy Haro lost to Jahaday Drewery and Lydia Jong 5-8

Addyson Nunez and Lana Young lost to Lara Rizkallah and Anh Nguyen5-8

Abigail Madrigal and Andrea Rodriguez defeated Azalia Rodriguez and Ebe Romero 8-5


Nicole Lule lost to Jahday Drewery 0-6, 0-6

Lana Young lost to Lydia Jong 0-6, 1-6

Daisy Haro lost to Lara Rizkallah 5-7, 3-6

Addyson Nunez defeated Anh Nguyen 6-2, 7-5

Andrea Rodriguez was losing 0-5 to Azalia Rodriguez but had to retire due to injury

Abigail Madrigal defeated Ebe Romero 6-1, 6-2


In the singles competition RHC were resilient in their games. Injuries did play a part in the loss but the lady roadrunners gave it their best in the end. “They fought really hard,my number one got injured in the doubles and that really affected her game. Number five is usually tough but she was injured in the middle of the game, you know that’s tough but the others stepped up,” Coach Karen Unger for RHC womens tennis explained. Injuries were tough to deal with and was definitely a challenge for the lady roadrunners but still managed to fight through. Lule got an injury in the doubles that caused her to not play well in singles. Andrea Rodriguez had to retire for RHC after feeling sick despite putting up a fight in her singles set. 


For singles Addyson Nunez and Abigail Madrigal won their sets in singles. Nunez fought hard in a challenging match with a tough second set but still managed to hold on and pull through to win her set. “Abby, she is my little machine, she just keeps winning,” coach Unger said. Nunez also displayed a lot fight in her single sets. Huge comeback from Nunez to get the win. “She was fighting, fighting, fighting,” coach Unger spoke about Nunez and her comeback.