RHC Women’s Volleyball Spikes A Win During Sophomore Night

Rio Hondo’s Women’s Volleyball team poses for a team picture after their victory win of 3-1. This marks their seventh-game winning streak.

The Lady Roadrunners dominated a win against the visiting Warriors of El Camino College with a score of 3-1 in Whitter on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2022. They just came back from dominating a 3-0 win against ELAC last Friday on Nov. 4

The First Set

In the beginning of the first set, the Lady Roadrunners were a little shaky. Their opponent, El Camino, started to score ahead of Rio. Then, the game became tied. Rio Hondo broke the tie and they gained the lead. Middle hitter Jayleen Garcia, #16, and outside hitter Jennifer Martinez, #12, both freshmen at Rio Hondo College were a dynamic duo on the court by making sure the ball didn’t get on their side of the net. The first set became a game of cat and mouse. Every time Rio scored, El Camino scored. At the end of the first set, El Camino started to make a comeback. But, then Rio Hondo secured the bag with a score of 25-22. The first set was a bit of a challenge for these Lady Roadrunners but they pulled through the first set with a win.

The Second Set

During the second set, the Warriors started to score ahead of Rio. The Lady Roadrunners couldn’t defend their side of the court. Fans were cheering in the stands to hype up Rio Hondo. All of Rio’s timeouts were used and it was all up to the girls to work together to be able to dominate in this set. They started to get their mojo back from the first set but it wasn’t enough to win this set. They lost in the second set with a score of 11-25.

All the Lady Roadrunners needed was to win two more sets to win this game.

The Third Set

Rio Hondo started off the third set with confidence. Outside Hitter/Middle Hitter Maria Bejines #17, freshman at Rio Hondo College made some strong spikes. The Lady Roadrunners were getting their groove back from all the energy in the stands. El Camino’s side of the court was getting feisty because they were trying to spike but Rio wasn’t letting them. Outside Hitter Faith Lee #8 had amazing saves throughout the third set. Rio Hondo was pulling all the tricks in the court which cost them to win the third set with a score of 25-16.

The Fourth Set

It all came down to the fourth set. Will Rio Hondo uphold their winning streak or get defeated by El Camino college? There was a lot of energy on Rio’s sideline and they wanted to win this set to keep their winning streak alive. They even got some support from the RHC Men’s Water Polo team who were in the stands. In the game the girls really needed to communicate with each other. Their opponents were getting upset with how the game was going. Throughout the set, there were a couple of times that the score was tied. El Camino started to gain ahead in the set but Rio was always one point behind them. Rio picked up the lead. Rio Hondo won the fourth set with a score of 25-23.


Rio Hondo’s Women’s Volleyball team honored their teammates that are in their sophomore year. Left Back Daniela Sanchez #1, Outside Hitters Nadine Oronoz #7 and Faith Lee #8, Setters Faith Wada #4 and Haedee Estrella #15 received leis and a framed picture with little sayings from each of their other teammates. This win was a great way to end Sophomore Night at Rio Hondo.

Coming up, the Lady Roadrunners will take on the Lancers of Pasadena City College. The match will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 15, at Pasadena City College in Pasadena at 6 p.m.