RHC Men’s Water Polo Gets Drenched By Mt. SAC


Photo Credit: Mia Alvarez

Attacker Aaron Ayala #11, sophomore at Rio Hondo College gets rid of the ball against Mt.SAC player on Wednesday, Oct.12, 2022

The Roadrunners lost against the visiting Mounties of Mt. San Antonio College with a score of 3-16 in Whittier on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022. This was a huge conference game loss for the Roadrunners. They just returned from dominating a 12-16 win against Citrus College last Saturday. 

The Game

Throughout the first quarter, the Roadrunners had a rough start and made some mistakes. Rio Hondo allowed Mt. SAC to score 0-2. 

Following the first quarter, Rio Hondo couldn’t get past Mt.SAC. The second quarter score was 1-6. 

The Roadrunners didn’t do so hot during the third quarter. Rio Hondo was dominated by Mt.SAC. The score was 1-10

In addition, the Roadrunners started the third quarter determined to get past the goalkeeper. They eventually gained 2 points in the last quarter, but sadly were defeated 3-16. Rio wasn’t able to secure this conference win. The Roadrunners had disappointment in their eyes after the game. Mt. SAC came with a burst of energy and determination, but Rio Hondo wasn’t ready. 

They still trail 2-3 in conference wins. 


During the postgame, Head Coach Stephen Smith gave his thoughts, “I thought we were close for a while and we made a couple of mistakes that allowed them to score a couple of goals.” “They got some momentum and we had some trouble stopping the momentum once it started.We missed some opportunities and that’s kinda what led to the avalanche of goals after that,”   said Smith.

Coming up, the Roadrunners will face the Renegades of Ohlone College. The match will take place on Friday, Oct. 14, 2022 at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo County at 10:20 am. 

Go Roadrunners!