NBA Season Opener

On Oct 19, the NBA season started back up for their 75th anniversary. For opening night they showcased two western conference teams and two eastern conference teams. For the west side, it would be the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Golden State Warriors. On the east side, it would be the reigning champs Milwaukee Bucks vs. the Brooklyn Nets. These were four teams that had the most attention in the offseason so it was only right they played on opening day. The Bucks will get their rings and we get to see the new look Lakers in action. It was the perfect setup to hopefully another great NBA season. If you are planning to bet during this season, visit the website to find a few tips and recommendation to make it better.

Lakers vs. Warriors

The Lakers were one of the favorites heading into this season with all the moves they made in the offseason. The Warriors are going to have a bigger jump this year compared to last year with Klay Thompson making his return mid season. During this matchup the Lakers were of course expected to win but Stephen Curry and the Warriors had other plans. Despite two 30 point performances out of Lebron James and Anthony Davis, it still wasn’t enough. Stephen Curry put up his 8th career triple double to stun the Los Angeles Lakers. Russell Westbrook had a disappointing debut with only eight points and is expected to bounce back in his next game. For the Warriors it is a good start and it is really important that they keep this up.

Bucks vs. Nets

With the reigning champs Bucks in the house they would receive their rings and see their banner drop. Being the reigning champ puts a big target on their backs and it is important to keep those high expectations on themselves. For the Nets, Kevin Durant was predicted to win MVP this year so everyone was wondering how he would perform on opening night. He did just that, dropping 32 points and 11 rebounds securing the double-double for his team. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough, the Bucks were just the better team that night. The reigning finals MVP, Giannis Antetokoumpo put up 32 points, 14 rebounds, and 7 assists. He also had help from his team with 20 points from Khris Middleton and Pat Connaughton. This led the Bucks to a 23 point victory and the exact start they wanted to their season.

Future for these Teams

For the future of these teams, Westbrook is expected to have a way better game the next time the Lakers play after only putting up eight points in his first game. For the Warriors, they just wanna try and keep a positive record before Thompsons return. If they do that, it will set them up for a decent playoff spot at the end of the year. There isn’t much to say about the Bucks but to continue doing what they are doing. Antetokoumpo continued to look dominant and the rest of the team worked well together. The biggest question mark at the moment are the Nets. With no one knowing when or if Kyrie Irving will return to the team, it leaves a big gap in this team. He brings a lot as the team’s starting point guard and is a scoring threat as well. If the Nets can get him back then it will give a big boost to the team.