Rio Hondo Men Soccer vs Cerritos College

Compton at Rio Hondo

Coming into this match Rio was favorite on paper coming into this match with a record of 8-1-3. But now with a win over Compton college the Roadrunners improve to 9-1-3 which is impressive. But also they are in good ratio when it comes to Conference wins. Overall men soccer at Rio is having an impressive win and could possibly consider fighting for a title. Also no spectators were allowed into the match but Colleges are working to bring the sensation of fans cheer and support.

What can we expect from Men Soccer

Men’s soccer at Rio are in a ratio when it comes to goal scoring they have an impressive ratio. Nevertheless we can expect a good amount of goals each match because of their goal scoring ratio. Also looking at how the team is functioning they are very superior both home and away. Along with Tuesday’s game at Cerritos we see they have two home games and one away game. Without a doubt supporters and Rio Hondo will close the month of October with convincing wins.

Rio Hondo at Cerritos College

To conclude in a very tight match were Cerritos matched up against Rio Hondo. Both teams coming off very impressive wins. Nevertheless Rio Hondo suffered a tough loss to Cerritos with a score of 2-0. This is possibly a wake up call to make sure the team is focused and also make sure the game plan is correct next time. Also the roadrunners 7 game win streak was cut short and it shows in the quality of plays that got the job done for Cerritos. To sum up the game for Cerritos both goals were scored by Arnold Castillo in the first half and Pablo Caparelli second half.