Clasico During the Pandemic


Graphic by Carlos Jimenez

What an amazing game between these two teams Club Americas put on an impressive win over Pumas. The result was a 2-0 win but what mattered was the fans and people who enjoy the sport of Soccer. Club America is finishing the week being on top of the leader boards, With over 5 games left of the season America can relax and think about their friendly. It might be a friendly game but for both teams  the word friendly does not exist. Now fans in the United States can get a sense of what fans in Mexico witness over in their country.

Club America heading into the Friendly

Club America’s win over Pumas last Sunday In the Clasico Capitalino put America in the top of the table. With 25 points and with the season almost over the team comes into this friendly as favorites. Even though it might be a friendly it is still a clasico and it is now played on American soil. Fans are now able to witness a new edition of Mexico’s top soccer games which is known because both teams are from the same city. Which is why it is known as Clasico Capitalino.

Pumas Heading into the Friendly

Pumas after suffering last week’s Clasico can now move on into a new mindset in this rematch scheduled this eight of October. Even Though it might seem friendly when it comes to Clasicos in Mexico it is a different mindset. Teams in the Mexican league take it very seriously because it is played with heart and passion.

(Photo by Carlos Jimenez)     Pumas and America face off in a new edition of the Clasico during a pandemic.

Covid-19 Rules for Spectators

Fans and spectators attending the game must be able to show proof of vaccination with your Vaccination card. The other option is three days before the event you can show proof of a Covid test. Stub-hub values their policy for everyone in keeping a safe environment. Fans required to wear a mask and keep a distance. We as fans need to keep everyone safe in trying to make everything go back to normal. The promoters do a real good job in setting security and checking for proof when entering the stadium. Even with the match postponed due to Covid fans are able to enjoy a festival outside the stadium. Same rules apply, Stub-hub is looking to have a full crowd.

Final Result

With a different outcome as last time these two clubs meet. We saw the difference with the result but also squad rotation was key for Pumas in securing the victory tonight. The game ended in a 1-0 score favoring pumas. Another Clasico for the books and also fans were excited and eager to see this game. On the other hand Club America leaves with a loss but still on top of the Liga Mx and looking to qualify for playoffs. At the end of the day fans from both side came and watched a game during a pandemic.