Richard Sherman Signs to the Buccaneers

On Oct 29, Richard Sherman announced that he will be joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This veteran cornerback announced it on The Richard Sherman Podcast. He signed a one-year contract for $2.25 million. He also mentioned that he had offers from the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks for possible reunions. Along with those two teams he also had an offer from the Carolina Panthers. “I went with the best offer I had, the best opportunity to go out there and put some great tape on, to lead another group,” Sherman said on his podcast. With the signing of Sherman people are expecting another championship for the Buccaneers.

Sherman’s Success on Past Teams

People know Sherman from the success he had while on the Seattle Seahawks. That is where he had his infamous interview when he said that he was the best corner in the game. He helped lead the Seahawks to a superbowl victory back in 2014. They defeated the Denver Broncos 43-8 in a dominating showing out of the Seahawks. Along with Sherman the Seahawks also had star quarterback Russell Wilson and dominant running back Marshawn Lynch. With these three players the team was able to bring home a championship to Seattle.

What Sherman Brings to the Team

The main thing Sherman brings to the Buccaneers is obviously his defensive skills. He has the ability to lock down the opposing teams star receivers. This is what he was always known for when he was in his prime. Even though people say he isn’t as good as he used to be, he still is a solid cornerback for any team. Another thing Sherman brings to the team is his leadership. At this point in his career he has a lot of experience like his two superbowl appearances. Along with playing on two different teams which gives him different looks on how teams run. With that being said time will tell how he fits in with his new team.

Another Championship for the Buccaneers?

With this new piece that adds a lot of support to the Buccaneers defense, most people can see them going back to back. Along with Sherman they still have what many people call the greatest quarterback of all time in Tom Brady. He also has his partner in crime Rob Gronkowski who has won four super bowls with Brady. Lining up with Gronkowski on offense are some solid receivers in Antonio Brown and Mike Evans. With these strong players on offense and defense it is very possible that the Buccaneers can go back to back this year. As of right now the Buccaneers are 2-1 so far so we will soon see how they do after adding Sherman.