Clash of the Money Giants


Graphic by Carlos Jimenez

PSG Signings

    With Lionel Messi being the new addition to the squad we can potentially see the best front 3 on top. In today futbol we have many superstars but PSG have gone out of their way in signing tier players. This Summer window was a huge success in securing big names in search of silverware and trophies. Beside the point PSG is known for spending top dollar in hopes of being a top European club. To sum up the story, fans see high hopes for this superstar team. Also are they willing to live up to their goals and the satisfaction.

Man City Signings

On the other hand City broke the record for most expensive British player signed in Premier League football this past summer. As Football fans we are excited for news like this where fans can express their opinion. For the past year City has broken the bank and made huge signings to their squad. Even though their team still hasn’t convinced their supporters in high level football like the Champions league. They are looking for superstars to finally conquer the Champions league title.

Coming into the Match

Both teams are coming into this match with a positive result meaning both are looking for a winning result. On the other hand City is favorite in this match being top of their table. PSG might have to look past their first game in the Champions league but winning in their actual league. This is going to be the most anticipated match of match day two. Both teams are known for spending top dollar on superstars. But still haven’t found the respect in high level football with other top teams around Europe.

Game Result

In a tough battled game where we potentially see the best squad when it comes to spending money. PSG secured the victory with a 2-0 win over Man City. Both goals coming from midfielder Gueye and the other by superstar Lionel Messi. We saw a PSG who might not have had possession but sure were able to finish. Man City on the other hand lead the table with chances created and possession but came up short in the first game of two where both teams will meet again.