Max Scherzer Joins the 3,000 Strikeout Club


Justin Gomez

Dodger stadium on September 12, the day Max Scherzer hit 3000 career strikeouts against the San Diego Padres.

On Sept 12, Dodgers’ star pitcher Max Scherzer became the 19th player to reach 3,000 strikeouts. He joins players like Nolan Ryan, Pedro Martinez, and Justin Verlander. Most people say that Scherzer will be a future Hall of Famer and with him achieving this milestone helps the argument a lot. Scherzer has been a huge part in the Dodgers recent success now being 6-0 since joining them in July. Going into Sunday’s game Scherzer had a 1.05 ERA (Earned Run Average) which is very impressive for a starting pitcher. He will most likely get a pretty big contract next season when he becomes a free agent. Whether that be with the Dodgers or with another team is still unknown to everyone.

The Day he hit it

Going into Sunday’s game against the San Diego Padres Max Scherzer only needed six strikeouts to reach 3000. In the second inning Scherzer threw an immaculate inning only throwing nine pitches and striking out all three batters. Going into the fifth inning Scherzer only needed one strikeout to reach 3000 and up came to the plate Eric Holsmer. Scherzer attacked him early and got a quick 0-2 count against Hosmer, but Hosmer worked the at bat and made it a 3-2 full count. That’s when Scherzer threw an inside pitch and struck out Hosmer swinging for his 3000 career strikeout. There it was, history for Max Scherzer and the Dodgers as the crowd gave him a standing ovation for his accomplishment. Even after he hit the milestone Scherzer still had a job to do and that was to win this game. He went on to almost throw a perfect game until Hosmer himself ended it with a one out double in the top of the eighth inning. Even though he ended it the Dodgers would go on to win this game 8-0 as Scherzer only gave up one hit through eight innings.

Jobs Not Finished

The words “jobs not finished” comes from the late Kobe Bryant when a reporter asked him why wasn’t happy even though the Lakers were up in a playoff series. He said these words to say he won’t be satisfied until they are champions. Now that has been a motto for many teams in Los Angeles like the Dodgers. Even though they have seen a lot of success recently they are still pushing to be back to back champions. This includes trying to get first in the NL West standings. They are currently one and a half games behind the San Francisco Giants. With about 15 games left in the season they will definitely be pushing for that number one spot.

Future of Scherzer and the Dodgers

As for the future of Max Scherzer and the Dodgers, he of course wants to win it all this year. Some may say this is the best team he has had so this should be the year he wins it. For after this season it is unclear whether he will resign with the Dodgers or sign with another team. People most likely think this will depend on how the Dodgers do in the playoffs since they have clinched a spot already. Other people think he will just sign with another team in order to sign a bigger contract. Since the Dodgers have such a star roster they don’t have a lot of money to throw around to all their players. Not to mention that they will also be pursuing to sign shortstop Corey Seager as his contract ends this season as well. As of right now Scherzer will just be focusing on winning a championship with the Dodgers.