Knicks Back on Track

Although the season is not over, this will be the Knicks first winning season since 2013. That 2013 roster consisted of Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith and Jason Kidd. These three were a big part of the Knicks success during that season. Anthony averaged 28 points per game and Smith averaged 18 points. Kidd wasn’t putting up insane numbers but he was the veteran leader of the team. Today’s Knicks roster is similar to that 2013 roster with Julius Randle being that lone all star on the team. Although that is the case, he also has a lot of key pieces alongside him.

Team Effort

Julius Randle leads this team averaging 24 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists. With that being said, he has six other players averaging double digit points. Nowadays people talk about how teams need multiple superstar players to win or be considered a good team. The 2021 New York Knicks are throwing that topic out the window. Although they have one all star, most people don’t consider Randle to be a superstar player. The reason for their success is that they go into every game like it is there last. It is for that reason that they have a winning record and hold that number four seed in the eastern conference.

Preparing for the Playoffs

Now that the Knicks have clinched the playoffs it is important that they keep doing what they have been doing. They need to do this so that they can get a good seed for the playoffs. It is also equally important that they keep that team chemistry that they obviously have. When you don’t have superstar players that can take over games, you have to rely on team work to get yourself through games. Lastly, they need to make sure they stay healthy for the playoffs. With the end of the regular season around the corner, the last thing you want to do is have a player get hurt.

Bright Future

The best thing that the New York Knicks have for them are the young talent they currently have. They have players like RJ Barret, Immanuel Quickley and Obi Toppin. As a matter of fact none of these three players have played more than 2 years in the NBA. Right now it is key for them to learn from the veterans they have like Derrick Rose. This can lead to great things in the future of their careers. The only possible flaw is even though Julius Randle is the best player on this team, his contract expires next year. Nevertheless, if they keep playing like how they have been, then most people see Randle resigning with the Knicks.