Nets Clinch Playoff Berth

The Brooklyn Nets are the first team to clinch a playoff berth in the 2021 season. They are currently 42-20 with the first seed in the eastern conference. Keeping the first seed will be very important come playoff time. Being the higher seed will secure home court advantage in the playoffs. Therefore they will be the home team for four out of the 7 games in a series. Another thing is this will be the first time they finish first in their conference since 2003. This is the best roster the Nets have had in years so without a doubt they want to end the year with a championship.

Getting Right for the Playoffs

Now that the Nets are for sure in the playoff, it is very important that they stay healthy. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden have had to miss games due to some type of injury. What is important now is that they make sure to take care of their bodies so they are ready for the postseason. Another thing they need to do is get their team chemistry right as well. All these players have almost never played with each other so they need to find a playstyle that works best for the team. Whether the ball is in Harden’s hand or Irving’s hand, they need to figure something out.

Finals Drought

The last time the Brooklyn Nets were in the NBA Finals was in 2003. That team was led by Jason Kidd alongside Kenyon Martin and Richard Jefferson. Unfortunately for that team they lost in the finals to the San Antonio Spurs. That team was led by Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. This was the Nets second lost in the finals in a row. They lost the year prior to the Los Angeles Lakers led by a young Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Although they fell short those two year, this year is definitely their best chance to win since 2003. Some say this is the most stacked team in NBA history so it is only right if they end the year with a championship.

Taking Leadership

Most people know that a lot of these players have been a leader on another team. Durant has led the Thunder, Irving has led the Celtics and Harden has led the Rockets. The problem now is one of them needs to step up and be the leader of this team. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have proven that they know how to win and perform when it matters. As a matter of fact Irving hit the go ahead three to win game 7 against the Golden State Warriors. Next, Durant led the Warriors to back to back finals wins and got finals MVP both time. Therefore, people think it will be one of these two players to lead this team. Only time will tell to see who steps up for this Brooklyn Nets team.