Stadiums May Not Open Until 2021

One may wonder as to when stadiums will open again. Some people want to watch sports once again, and others would not mind rewatching old sports online or on television. Stadiums will most likely be open again until the year 2021. The number of cases of people having the coronavirus has been increasing. If stadiums were to reopen right now, more people be infected by the coronavirus.Therefore, the number of cases would be difficult to decrease. 

Some people may want the quarantine to end already, while others still prefer to stay at home. When will it be safe for one to go out and what do doctors think about quarantine? Dr. Douglas J. Wiebe, who is a professor of epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, stated that if an athlete tests positive from the coronavirus, that person would need to be isolated from other people . He added on how different kinds of testing will occur to test for antibodies, to determine whether or not an athlete has been infected in the past or not. 

When will it be safe?

When is the appropriate time for one to go back to stadiums? One, the location would need to be where the virus is not a threat to the community. Secondly, we would need to be sure that people who attend, aren’t carriers of the virus.Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, the author of “Fiber Fueled”, mentioned how non-contact sports, such as golf, would probably return quickly, but would be more complicated for contact sports, like basketball for example. According to Dr. Bulsiewicz, contact sports are a great way for the virus to spread. The contact between players, the sweat, the constant contact with the ball, are ways the virus can transmit. 

In addition, thousands of people in a stadium would make the game a virus bomb. Because of this, it is likely that large gatherings may be banned in Los Angeles until at least the year 2021.