Did Cody Bellinger just clinch MVP?

Marissa Valenzuela, A&E Editor

Reigning National League M.V.P., Christian Yelich, underwent a season ending injury. It should be noted that there has been constant talk throughout MLB network that Yelich would win M.V.P. Due to a recent turn of events on September 10,  Yelich suffered a fractured right knee against the Miami Marlins.  Shortly after his injury, the team had announced that he will be out for the rest of the season. This being said, his competition for M.V.P., Cody Bellinger, is now seen to take the lead for the M.V.P votes.

If you are in Los Angeles, Cody Bellinger who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers already has your vote. He to many is the best player on the best team. This season he has hit 17 home runs against lefties, the most by any left-handed hitter in the majors. “Maybe it’s just playing the game for the third year. I never really had problems with lefties. Last year was just a season for me to make adjustments — making some wrong adjustments. I’m just playing the game that I know how to play,” said Bellinger. Additionally, with a new hitting coach, Bellinger has a recking 44 home runs and 104 RBIs.

While recently Cody Bellinger has not been performing to his expected level, there is no reason to overreact to his latest faults. He has dipped his batting average, and has not truly been producing out on the field. And yet he is still crushing baseballs and maintaining his race of the National League’s Most Valuable Player.

Hopes for the End of Season

In the home stretch for this baseball season, the Dodgers will have their last home stand of the season starting September 17 up until September 22nd . They will play Tampa Bay Rays and the Colorado Rockies to end their home season. As now a number one candidate for M.V.P. all of us Dodger fans are rooting for the Cody we had at the start of the season.

Its nearly #OctoberBaseball and there is a lot that is happening. Almost every player is trying to prove that they belong on the Playoff Roster. Maybe this will light a spark in Bellinger to start producing and show his worth as a Candidate. All in all, the odds are definitely in Bellinger’s favor, all he has to do is at on them. He does his best when he keeps it simple and tries to not be “that guy”.  Let’s hope he has that mentality going into the last games of regular season, so when playoff time comes it’s without a doubt him as M.V.P.