Women’s Softball: The Mounties Outplayed The Roadrunners


Rio Hondo's first basemen, freshman Azucena Enriquez, gets Mt. SAC's Adriana Ramirez out at first following a fielding play by freshman pitcher Madeline Peralta. The Roadrunners lost to the Mounties 2-0 at Rio Hondo Tuesday, March 16.

Jesus Marquez, Reporter

Tuesday, April 15, Rio Hondo women’s softball team lost against Mt. San Antonio College 2-0 at the Rio Hondo softball field.

The Lady Roadrunners defense was spot-on throughout the game and made it difficult for Mt. SAC to get runners on base. Pitcher Madeline Peralta was exceptional once again against a tough side by throwing a good mix of pitches to the Mounties. Mt. SAC batters were putting the ball in play often, but Azucena Enriquez and Katherine Arroyo were outstanding in their positioning. Also, the outfielders from Rio were excellent catching anything in the air.

Also defending well were the Mounties. Pitcher for the visitors Alexia Silvas made it complicated for Rio to make contact with the ball.

In the fourth inning, Rio Hondo started to respond well by hitting a double through Miranda Fernandez. The Mounties started to lose control of the game, but they were able to defend correctly and stay calm.

Mt. SAC Took Advantage

After a great performance by Rio Hondo, the girls from Mt. San Antonio took advantage in the sixth inning. The away side started to outplay the lady Roadrunners with some smart plays.

Rio Hondo started to lose balance in the pitch and made massive mistakes. Player from the Mounties Ally Longtree reached first on an error by Enriquez and advanced to second with an RBI. Candace Haliburton reached home base and minutes later, Mt. SAC scored another run and ended winning by two.

The Lady Roadrunners were under pressured in the last inning of the clash trying to score a run and get back in the competition. While, the Mounties remained calm.

“They just executed the game better than we did that’s all,” said Bianca Urquidi the head coach of Rio Hondo softball team. “The pitcher had one mistake and one mistake leads to a run being scored.”

With five games remaining, Rio Hondo is still looking for their second conference victory. While, the Mounties want to continue winning all their conference matches this year and reach the CCCAA State Championship.

Rio Hondo still have work to do as they take on Chaffey Panthers for an away game on April. 17.



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