Women’s Tennis Preview: Rio vs Desert

Sam Garcia, News Editor

In a clash between fowls, the Lady Roadrunners will take on the College of the Desert Roadrunners March 5 at Desert.

Rio is coming off back to back losses against El Camino College and Cerritos College. And even though they lost both matches, Coach Karen Unger likes what she saw in both matches, especially against El Camino.

“Even though we didn’t win, everyone gave it their all,” says Coach Unger.

That was especially true against Cerritos. It was an exhausting match, especially for freshman Heaven Diaz who mentioned it was a long game that was really evenly matched.

Right after her singles match, Diaz went straight into her doubles.

“I was out of breath, but I pushed through,” she says with a laugh. “Me and my partner were trying to keep each other motivated.”

Sophomore Jane Quach had her hands full as well. She went head-to-head with the no. 1 girl from Cerritos.

“She’s an international student, and she’s been playing since she was six years old. It was really fun playing against her. I lost pretty badly, but I think I put up a good fight.”

When asked about their preparation for Desert – the other Roadrunners – Coach Unger said that while Friday practices are usually more lax, today would be an exception.

“We’re gonna work hard today,” Unger said. “I hope they’re ready.”

Desert, meanwhile, is coming off a dominant 9-0 win over Palomar College. This won’t be a walk in the park for Rio.

“Their no. 1 player was in Division I,” says Quach. “Really anxious and excited. It’ll be a good experience to play someone at that level.”

The Desert Roadrunners will be a tough challenge for the Lady Roadrunners. Rio will have to shake off these last two losses and knuckle down to get the win. They played well against Camino and Cerritos, but Coach Unger doesn’t want her girls to become complacent. How do they do that? Unger says that as long as the team is never satisfied with its play and they keep trying to get better.

A win would even out Rio’s record, putting them at 3-3 and tied with El Camino atop the conference. It’d also go a long way in boosting the team’s confidence, considering their overall youth. Not like they needed it, though. The confidence boost, not the win. Winning should be on the agenda.

Also, for those of you with some time on your hands, the team will be having a fundraiser event Friday, March 8. Attendees will view a live taping of America’s Got Talent; the event is free – no cost; and it’ll take place from 2:30 to 7 p.m. at the Pasadena Civic Center. For more information, contact Coach Unger at [email protected]. What’s better than free stuff? Consider your answer carefully…

The match will begin at 2 p.m. and will take place at the tennis courts at the College of the Desert. Let’s go Roadrunners – the Lady ones, of course.