Women’s Softball: Roadrunners Softball team collapse against Chaffey

Jesus Marquez, Reporter

Yet Another Bad Game For Rio Hondo

Tuesday, Feb. 19, Rio Hondo women’s softball team collapsed against Chaffey College and lost 8-1 at the Rio softball field.

The Roadrunners had a terrible start in the first inning, while the Panthers were excellent. The ladies from Rio Hondo had problems catching the ball during the play. Chaffey scored early in the game making the home side lose by one.

In the second inning, Rio Hondo’s communication was poor. They also passed the ball late during the play. Panthers safely scored another run as they were 2-0 up.

Chaffey continued to play well as usual with passion and pride. They made great hits advancing to first, second, third base, but the Roadrunners remained dreadful.

In the third inning, Rio Hondo had to hold their hands up as Chaffey humiliated them. Batter Veronica Macias hit a homerun and Tyani Lowe scored. The Panther squad celebrated like crazy and a player from the dugout took out a Panther mask as Macias was heading to home base.

Last Ditch Effort

The Roadrunners were getting outplayed by their rival. The head coach from Rio Hondo, Bianca Urquidi, was furious at pitcher Peralta because her throwing was insufficient. Peralta was replaced by Arianna Amezcua minutes later. Roadrunners remained flat throughout the game.

The Roadrunners continued to struggle to get the Panthers out while Chaffey were playing well defensively and made four more runs. Pitcher Amezcua made the difference as pitcher. She threw the ball better and Chaffey had difficulties making contact.

In the fourth inning, the ladies from Rio Hondo started to concentrate as they batted well. Batter Azucena Enriquez doubled and Amber Gutierrez scored.

Room For Improvement

Rio Hondo haven’t won any matches since beating San Diego City College. While Chaffey continue to have a decent season winning more games than losing.

“I think there is a lots of bright spots,” said Bianca Urquidi the head coach of Rio Hondo softball team. “There is a lot of work to do.”

Rio Hondo women’s softball team needs to practice communicating with their teammates and get back to winning games as they face Pasadena City College on Feb. 21.