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Into The Arena: LA KISS Rocked Portland Thunder 44-34

The LA KISS football team kicked off their first opening night at the Honda Center against the Portland Thunder on April 5,. Loud rock music, go-go dancers, and pyrotechnics drove the KISS team to the 44-34 victory.

The LA KISS team got pumped up for their opening night as the arena is filled with nostalgic classic rock and popular hits ranging from the 60’s to the present. The crowd got loud and go-go dancers from above entertained the crowd. Truly a testosterone driven event.

With quarterback J.J. Raterink and wide receiver Donovan Morgan, the KISS team led the score in the first two quarters at a blazing 14-0. However, the thunders bounced back and caught up to 14-13 thanks to Danny Southwick’s game changer on the second quarter.

Southwick, too confident in taking the lead, threw an interception in the last minute of the second quarter to KISS’ Defensive Back, Romeo Pellum.

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The KISS team was in the lead 21-13, just in time for the half time show put on by Steel Panther promoting their newly released album, All You Can Eat. The glam metal band brought back the energized crowd to the 80’s with big hair, loud music, and impressive pyrotechnics.

Eager to take home the game, Portland Thunder fought back with an early touchdown to Justin Monohan, completing the pass 21-20. Although the pressure rose the KISS team still took the lead with another impressive touchdown from Raterink’s 26- yard pass to Morgan 27-20, right before the ending of the third quarter.

The two teams began exchanging plays and were in the fight to finish strong and it was a close game, but still determined Raterink throws another complete pass in the last quarter to Morgan to touchdown, closing the game score of 44-34.

The game overall was a success in bringing back the classic hits and reviving rock back to the present scene where EDM (Electronic Dance Music) was growing with popularity.

It goes to show that Rock-n-Roll will always be in the heart of many fans who are proud to be loud!

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