Emmanuel Varela signs to play for BIOLA University

This year, Emmanuel Varela, a sophomore from Rio Hondo’s Men’s soccer team was given a scholarship to play for BIOLA University, a private college in La Mirada, CA.

Varela, who is twenty-two-years old, played a total of two seasons for Rio Hondo’s soccer team.  He took on the crucial position of a striker, while also playing on both sides of the pitch as a left and right mid-fielder.

Varela, who graduated from Bell Gardens High School in 2010, has played soccer for about seventeen years starting roughly around the age of five.

Varela, who began this spring at BIOLA, is currently working on majoring in Communications.

When asked about how his decision to attend BIOLA came about, Varela responded with, “I am a follower of Christ, so that played a big part in choosing BIOLA because they have a great foundation of Christianity. It was the school I always dreamed of studying at. It is not just a great school, but the soccer program is great as well.”

Along with having four other college offers to play soccer for –some of which were out of state – Varela told us, “ My coach at BIOLA Todd Elkins is a good man, and helped me in many ways to help me pursue my dreams and accomplish my goals at BIOLA.

I had four offers to play out of state, but I didn’t want to play away from home.” Attending a Christian oriented Institution is a big deal for Varela, “The community is great at BIOLA, and everyone is very helpful and friendly.

Being at a school where the environment is Christian is great for me. The team is great they were all very welcoming for my arrival, and I made friends quickly around campus.” Varela remains to stay very humble and states, “I want to thank God and give Him all the glory. If it wasn’t for him allowing me to get this chance by the gifts he gave me I would not be where I’m at. He has helped me every step of the way, and I also want to thank Coach Brenes for helping me get to BIOLA.”

Rio Hondo soccer’s Head Coach Orlando Brenes, has had a huge impact on the player that Varela is today, and has been coaching him since he attended and played Varsity soccer for Bell Gardens which started his sophomore year at Bell Gardens. Varela says that, “Coach Brenes has taught me a lot about life through soccer. He has helped me become the person I am today, he has taught me to always put my education first and soccer second.”

After having an incredible final season at Rio Hondo he states: “I would not change a thing, because everything happens for a reason, we learn from our mistakes and improve from them.” After graduating from BIOLA University, Varela hopes to look for the career of his preference and go back to school to get a masters degree.