Ronda Rousey vs Sara Mcmann

Ronda Rousey women’s bantamweight champion and gold Olympic winner in judo with the record of 8-0 will go head to head with silver Olympic winner in wrestling Sara Mcmann with a record of 7-0 for the title in UFC 170 on Feb. 22.

The two fighters meet for their first time in the octagon for the title Rousey is holding. The interesting fact is that Rousey has defeated all her opponents’ by arm bar. She defeated seven in a row in the first round and finally they took her to three rounds but still won by an arm bar.

The opponents’ know it’s coming but she can still get it and won’t stop till she has it. The question that everybody is asking is, can Mcmann stop Rousey’s arm bar and if she does can she defeat the current champion.

This battle between these two great fighters will probably just stay in the ground till it’s over. These two fighters also know how to fight standing but what a collision it will make for two Olympic medal winners fight in the ground and see who comes out on top. Even when this fight is over these two will probably meet again.

This will be a great fight to see Ronda vs. Sara it should not disappoint the fans.