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NFL player opens up about being gay

NFL prospect and SEC Defensive player of the year Michael Sam has spoken out with ESPN and the New York Times  to say that he is openly gay . Sam who is one of the top prospects for the 2014 Draft could be facing unfair treatment because of who he is.

The league has seen its share of controversy, from players facing criminal charges, to players committing suicide and most recently alleged bullying within an organization of two team mates.

Unfortunately, there is some sort of discrimination that takes place. There has not been one professional football that has “came out” to tell society that he is gay.

The media attention that smaller newsworthy topics make is nothing compared to the massive circus that a NFL player would get for telling society about his alternative sexual preference.

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If a team signs him into the NFL he would be the first openly gay player to ever play the game.

The Mizzou Lineman has been an outstanding part of the tiger’s team and has helped the organization in many ways. His team mates have spoken out in a supportive manner and said that the team is a family. Some say that they knew was gay but there was no discrimination towards him, they only cared about the way he played the game.

Sam had 11.5 sacks in his senior season, and was a first team All American player. Some may say that Sam’s sexuality may be a distraction but the team had one of their best seasons since 1960 this year. His lifestyle preferences have not inflicted the team at all. He was also voted as the team’s Most Valuable Player.

As awful as it seems the star linebacker may face discrimination in the draft. Teams and their organizations may not want the media attention that Sam will face for the rest of his career. Some players may not also feel comfortable with his lifestyle. Chad Johnson, former NFL star has said that the league is not ready for an “openly gay player” and the team locker rooms would be in “shambles”. Saints player Jonathan Vilma has spoken out and said that he would not feel “comfortable” showering with a gay team mate. While former Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe said the team released him because he was gay.

Whether a team drafts him or not, he has shown tremendous courage and admiration. Past and present NFL players like Deion Sanders, Jonathan Martin, and Malcolm Smith have all shown praise for his announcement and have spoken out that it only takes one person to change the culture of the league.

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