The Super Beat Down

Over one hundred million people across the world sat down and watched Super bowl XLVIII take place. The Seattle Seahawks proved that defense really does win championships with their 43-8 dominating performance against the Denver Broncos.
Russell Wilson led the Seahawks as quarterback with 206 passing yards, 36 rushing yards and multiple touchdown passes to Jermaine Kearse and Doug Baldwin. While wide receiver Percy Harvin made an 87 yard kick return that started off the second half of the game with a touchdown that made the score 29-0.
The Seattle Defense came ready to play and proved that since they held the high scoring Denver offense to a season low eight points. Throughout the season many quarterbacks like Drew Bree’s of the New Orleans Saints and Carson Palmer of the Arizona Cardinals and their offenses have struggled with the relentless and powerful Seattle Defense and high scoring secondary. Many fans feel that the Seattle Defense is one of the best championship Defenses of all time.
Strong Safety Kam Chancellor, the over all 133rd pick in the 2010 NFL Draft proved how rigorous and determined he is. Chancellor knocked down many Denver passes and intercepting a Peyton Manning pass intended to wide receiver Demariyus Thomas.
Marshawn Lynch went “Beast mode” on the Denver Defense with 15 carries for 39 yards and 1 touchdown while MVP Malcolm Smith was very well deserving of the title he received, with 10 tackles, a fumble recovery, and a 69 yard rushing touchdown. The linebacker is the 3rd player to ever win MVP within his position.
The Broncos have one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the position as their leader, Peyton Manning. Manning broke many records this year and the only Denver touchdown that happened in the Super bowl was his 60th touchdown pass to wide receiver Demariyus Thomas. Denver’s powerful high scoring Offense averages over thirty points per game played. Speculation of Manning’s retirement has been looming and talk of his legacy has been a popular topic around the league with his two Super bowl loses and lack luster post season performances.
From the opening play Denver center Manny Ramirez snapped the ball early over Manning’s head which led to a safety within the first twelve seconds of the game. The Broncos were outplayed through every aspect of the game offensively, through special teams and particularly Defensively. The Denver Defense did not sack Russell Wilson or have one interception all game. While they had given up 24.9 points per game on average the secondary has proved that they have fixed the small mistakes that were made in the regular season but it was not enough to win on the most viewed stage in the world.
There is no single player to blame for the loss Denver faced on Sunday as they became the franchise in NFL history with the most Super bowl loses being five.
Head coach Pete Carroll, Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn, and Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevel coached the Seattle Seahawks to a victorious win and the first in franchise history. The team made of misfits and late round draft picks has proved to be one of the best and most dominating teams in NFL history.