The Arroyo Knights win League Title

The hard fought game between the Arroyo Knights and the Rosemead Panthers went down to the final drive were the Knights stopped the Panthers on fourth down with a couple seconds left. The Knights won the hard fought battle which ended with a 17 to 13 victory.

The first half ended with arroyo leading 14 to 7 with both of the defenses playing an outstanding game. The second half got more interesting when the Panthers scored a field goal to be behind just four points at the end of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter started  with a little more momentum on the panthers side as they closed down on the Knights by scoring another field goal by just being behind by one with the score of 14 to 13.

The game rolled on and Arroyo scored a field goal with two minutes left in the fourth quarter to give themselves some breathing room with the score 17 to 13 which ended with Arroyo winning the title.

This week coming up the Arroyo Knights get a visit from the Baldwin Park Braves to start the first playoff game of the CIF which would be the start of the elimination of teams.

The Knights are 4-1 at home and the Braves are 4-1 away overall the Arroyo Knights should have the upper hand. El Paisano will be at the playoff game to keep you posted on what happens and if the Knights are going to the second round.