George St. Pierre Beats Johny Hendricks

St. Pierre got the surprising win over Hendricks with the split decision by the judges which two of them gave Pierre 48-47 over Hendricks while one gave Hendricks 48-47.

The first round was a great round which it looked like St. Pierre would have it done by a takedown and a submission hold but Hendricks would escape it.

The fight went all five rounds which Johnny Hendricks and his crew knew they had won but when they heard the announcement Hendricks fell to his knees with the surprise of that call even a portion of fans were boing the decision that was made.

There should be a rematch between these two fighters to see if St. Pierre can beat Hendricks.

The fight was a great fight but at the end it went down to split decision were no one wants to go because you never know if the judges are calling it right.

There were other good fights like Evans vs. Sonnen which ended with the ref stopping the fight in the first round when Evans was ground and pounding Sonnen.

The two friends fought each other and the match finished early with a big victory for Evans. The fights were great and everyone would like to see the fight between George St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks.