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The Team is set

The Rio Hondo Men’s Basketball Team is finally set. After weeks of long hard tryouts Coach Mike Lowe has made his decision of the group of players he wants to play for him this upcoming season.

First year Head Coach Lowe expects his new team to be tough and good.

“We’re playing well as a team and seem to be building really good chemistry. We’re going to be pretty solid. As well as seeing day to day effort and improvement from everyone.”

He also said, its exciting to see his players work as a group, because it is a big hurdle for a lot team to be able to accomplish that.

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Since tryouts are over, practices will begin to change and the players will now begin to work on the coach’s system and chemistry to prepare for the upcoming season this November.

Returning Power Forward Daniel Silva did not know much about his talented new coach, but when given information on some of his accomplishments Daniel responded with, “It would be better for our team, he is a good coach. Hopefully we do better this year. We’re expecting to be way better than last year. ” And is looking forward to winning the most.

Last years basketball team was entirely made up of freshman players, making it hard when it came down to experience. Returner Robert Talamantes experienced that himself, “I expect to have a better season. We didn’t win a lot of games last year, but we were in a lot of them. A lot of them were close games, we just didn’t know how to finish.” They were a young team, but this season they expect bigger things.

Returning Power Forward Anthony San Miguel strongly believes his team with be successful this season with Coach Lowe in charge, “Coach Lowe is very assertive, he demands his attention. I like him. Practices are very structured… Overall I enjoy them, as much as anybody would enjoy practice.” Expects good things this season, a total change throughout the team.

Sophomore returning Shooting Guard JD Venegas is already starting to build relationships with his new fellow teammates, when asked how he felt about them he seemed excited, “We get along together, so we should be fine. We’re starting to build chemistry on the court.”


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