Desired Victory

The Rio Hondo College women’s soccer team faced Moorpark College on Sept. 17.

The afternoon was sunny but nevertheless the enthusiastic Roadrunners prepared for a victory against the Raiders.

Under the hands of coaches Jennifer Tanaka-Hoshijo, Amanda Krukow, Will Lopez, Gil Sandoval and Marcos Gaspar.

The strong dedicated team is composed of twenty-one talented young ladies.

The first half began with goalkeeper Katelyn Oshima, #2 Karina Meza, #6 Vanessa Carlos, #7 Janet Nava, #8 Stefani Garcia, #9 Tatiana Carrillo, #12 Selena Quezada, #15 Natalie Preston, #18 Alexcia Galindo, #19 Micaela Estrada and #25 Karen Ortega.

On minute 4 #15 Preston gave a right kick that could have been a goal in favor of the roadrunners.

The roadrunners began the first 10 minutes pressuring the Raiders with #6 Carlos pressuring her opponents to keep the ball under the roadrunners.

The roadrunners on the sideline delighted their teammates with cheerful words.

The pressured turned to the roadrunners but rapidly was back to the raiders.

Off side was declared by Tuan Amah assistant referee and the raiders had possession of the ball, an opportunity that was not allowed by the roadrunners.

“Way to read that” was heard from the sidelines.

The pressure was on, head coach Tanaka-Hoshijo needed some changes made; #20 Flores made the first change for #11 Kaufman on minute 19.

The raiders almost made a goal, roadrunners left their guard down. Injured #15 Preston was thrilled to be back on the field when substitution was made on minute 20.

Center Referee Osvaldo Delgado made #20 Flores and raider #24 shook hands for the confrontation they had.

The raiders were given a free kick due to a penalty on min 30-team captain #11 lost the opportunity.

Kaufman #11 had a constant determination for that goal.

On min 40 a free kick for the raiders, goalkeeper Oshima made an amazing ball stopper.

First half ended 0-0 with the raiders over the roadrunners.

Second half began with the roadrunners eager than the first half ready for that victory #5 Davidson-Ponce was given the right corner missing the goal by some feet.

The raiders did their first substation on minute 13.

On minute 15 #11 Kaufman was almost knock out of the game by the medical car located on the sideline, she was injured and was rapidly taken out of the field.

Over the course of the second half the raiders took possession of the game.

On min 27 the roadrunners faced two of their team players injured #7 Nava and #12 Quezada who seek medial attention.

On minute 16 #13 Gonzalez made her debut on second half, Gonzalez showed her desired to be on the field by keeping the ball under the dominance of her team.

The last 10 minutes of the game where intense both teams wanted the victory.

Carrillo #9 had a magnificent play that could have left the victory home, followed by another under the feet of #11 Kaufman.

Head Coach Tanaka-Hoshijo stressed to her players what she wanted done on he field.

Confusion range over a penalty, center referee Delgado granted the free kick to the raiders, the ball went with intensity right for the victory of the raiders, goalkeeper Oshima did a fantastic job not letting the raiders go home with the victory.

The whistle was blown; the game had come to its end marking 0-0. The roadrunners had a disappointment outward knowing that they could have done more for the victory to stay home.