Promising season for Wrestling Team

Being in the toughest Conference in the state, the wrestling team has a big season ahead of them. With five wrestlers returning for the new season, the two returning , are captains Jose Maldonado weight class 141 and Able Avila weight class 149.

Realizing our wrestlers having to deal with a lot of weight on their shoulders after winning the State Conference five out of six times,  Coach Tellez is preparing our wrestlers for the next win. With weigh-ins before every practice and after they start a strict work out starting at 3:15.

Which contains a half-hour run around the school campus, forty-five minute drills, and live wrestling matches. Tellez also has the wrestlers on a strict clean diet staying away from fast food and drinking a lot of water. Realizing some of our struggles in the oncoming season Tellez discuses that our    

Having a good amount of incoming freshmen’s from other high schools. Having a difficult preseason against Mt. SAC (Dual Tournament) the coaches’ talked about how our team is looking really well, with our players working hard together. The wrestling team will improve as the season goes on. Also, a congratulations is in order for some of our wrestlers for being scouted by universities.