Rio Hondo’s ladies swim team breaks more records

Rio Hondo College’s ladies swim team had its big meet, the Conference Championships, and while there they broke five new school records in four different races.

During the distance event, a swim that covers 1,650 yards, a total of 66 laps, Kortney Kindig became a record holder by having a total time of 20:28:59. On the way to that total time, Kindig broke another record as she reached the 1,000 yard mark at 12:25:48.

Kindig completed the last 26 laps of the distance event in about eight minutes, her coach Mike Hinze, commented that, “She’s tough as nails.”

The other three new school records, Kinig was included in them as well with three other teammates, as all the other records came as a result of team relay events. The first of which is the 200 Freestyle Relay, the old record standing since 1984 was 1:55:50 and RHC’s Andrea Arnold, Marissa Valencia, Chelsea Wilson, and Kindig now have the record with a time of 1:51:15.

The same groups of girls have the other two new records as well, for the 400 freestyle relay they barely broke it as the old record, also held since 1984 was 405.7 and the girls came in this year at 404.39. Last relay they broke was the 800 freestyle relay, and the new records stands at 8:57:27. Hinze included, “very successful year, very proud of the ladies.”