Powerhouse Twitch TV Streamer Said Someone Shot His House Twice in A Week

Authorities have been dispatched to investigate this crime.

Jake Laurell, Tutor

Dr. Disrespect, a popular live streamers on Twitch reported being shot at while live playing Blackout from Blacks Ops 4.

Famous Twitch streamer known for his antics and top notch production quality with over 92 million total views, Dr. Disrespect stopped his stream around 10:30 PST, September 11, because he stated that he was being shot at, reported by The Verge.

The news came from his stream, Dr. Disrespect, or Guy Beahm, stopped his stream after he stated that he heard gunshots near his house as he was playing the beta version of the latest game mode in the new Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 4. Beahm’s character is larger than life portrayal of an action hero from a movie. That was until he broke character during the live stream leaving his chair for an unspecified reason.  He then stated that someone shot at his house and broke the upstairs window. Then a second shot came along and stated another shooting happened the day before. As Beahm was about to end his stream, he yells at the perpetrator on stream.

A representative from a police department in Southern California spoke to Polygon and stated the caller’s identity matched Guy Beahm’s (Dr. DisRespect) description. The representative also confirmed that the second shooting that Beahm described in the report given was also confirmed. No medical assistance was needed.

Beahm stated in a tweet after the incident later that night saying, “The Doc and family appreciate everyone’s concerns and well wishes. No one was hurt thankfully. Authorities are handling the situation appropriately. In the meantime, his stream will resume according to schedule.”

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