Pretty Face: By David Loza

Always smiling
I can’t help but smile too

I love her eyes
Her strawberry hair

But does she notice I am there?
Love her mind
She knows where and why to hide

Details, details

That smile again


I count to ten and she hides
The trees blow leaves covering her face

I’m no longer left behind

Funny, until now I considered myself second place

It’s not a race!

Ah, pretty face.


“The trees blow leaves covering her face”
This poem is about a girl I met last Fall.

“I count to ten and she hides”
We met early October

“It ain’t a race!” – We usually try to fill the void we have in us after a breakup, and this is me realizing that love is not about finding someone right away, it about finding someone you see yourself with and you can’t be without.

“I’m no longer left behind” -she makes me feel special. We have so much in common, It’s a beautiful feeling when you are finally understood.