Jack’s Whittier Resturant

Many places here in the City are known for many things but nothing beats breakfast here at Jack’s in Whittier. This little restaurant might be on everyone’s list here in Whittier to come and eat. The place stands out with a big sign and also the architecture of the places gives out throwback vibes. Nevertheless, the inside looks like those dinners in movies and has bland colors which bring our excitement. The place is so small, but looks like it is able to fit a good crowd of hungry people. Also, if you’re looking to try the place out make sure to come early because this place is constantly busy.

If you’re looking for quality food make sure to check out their menu which has a mix of American and Mexican food. The pancakes here are to die for, you get the choice of a stack of three to five. But also you can go with the Lumberjack which comes with eggs and either sausage or bacon. But with a little extra go with a piece of hash brown and some toast with a spread of jelly. If you want to go healthy, make sure to go with the omelet, which includes the choices of veggies.

Make sure to try their coffee, either all black and you can not go wrong with decaf with many other selections to try. Trying to sum up this experience, customers are greeted and are welcomed since everyone in Whittier knows each other. The servers here are at best to make sure your visit is at best possible. The place is family owned and has been in Whittier since 1933, which makes it some of the best in Whittier.