Turning Red Review: Embracing Growth

The movie, “Turning Red” is a Disney Pixar movie that was recently released on Disney Plus on March 11, 2022. 

A Fun Set of Characters

The main character of this movie is a thirteen-year-old girl named Meilin (played by Rosalie Chang).  She turns into a red panda when faced with a lot of emotions. The first time she turned into a red panda was when her mom, Ming (played by Sandra Oh) embarrassed her in public. Along with her friends, she wants to go to a concert that features her favorite band, 4* Town. But on top of her mom not allowing her, she is set to do a ritual that will help stop you from turning into a red panda. Her friends and her dad, Jin (played by Orion Lee) help her embrace the red panda. The only problem with this is that the dad didn’t have a clear opinion about the red panda until basically the end of the movie. 

The Constant Evolution of Animation

In terms of animation, the movie “Turning Red” hits it out of the park in that department. There were several scenes in this movie that left me impressed. Two scenes for me really stick out in terms of animation and presentation. The first scene was where Meilin’s dad, Jin was making dinner. The detail in that scene was simply the perfect example of the evolution of animation.  The second scene involved the boy band, 4* Town’s concert, and the beginning concert with the countdown and the band flying. Throughout the whole movie, the animation was really good, but those scenes were the best. 

The Main Idea

The main idea of this movie is to embrace change, no matter how scary the situation is. This is shown as while there are people who might find this change scary and unlikeable. Those people might come around, and for the people that accept you (as well as you accept you), they will help you grow. 

My Overall Opinion

This movie was good, but I’m not sure if it was great. The pacing of the movie was better than the Disney movies of last year. The story was clear. The animation was amazing. But I can’t shake this feeling that it is going to be a movie best watched once and forgotten. “Turning Red” is a fun movie to watch with the family and it had a really good message. But it might just not be for me. I would give this movie a 4/5.