Marvel’s Eternals Review

Marvel Studios’ “Eternals” premiered Nov 5 and is the latest addition in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film opens with the Eternals getting ready to go on some kind of mission.

Eternals Make their Debut

This is where our new heroes are introduced; in epic style I might add. Not much is revealed at first, so you’re left wondering what’s going on exactly. This is a good thing because for fans of Marvel, things are kept fresh and interesting. 

Upon seeing the Eternals for the first time, I found myself incredibly immersed in the things they were doing on screen. Even though their powers are similar to other fictitious characters, it was still very entertaining to see a character with superhuman speed dart around a battlefield and someone with superhuman strength shoot laser beams out of their eyes.

Lights, Camera, ACTION

This is a perfect segue into the film’s action scenes, and there is no shortage of them. The action is directed fairly well; not as well as other films in the MCU, but well enough to still be entertaining. The way the camera follows certain characters around as they’re fighting feels really smooth. Each frame flows seamlessly into the next which is a plus for the film’s editing because camera cuts never felt jarring. 

As for the acting, everyone does a really good job of bringing their respectable characters to life. Most notably Chan and Madden. The chemistry they shared on screen together was honestly pretty wonderful to see. One scene in particular showed just how powerful some actors can make a relationship between two characters feel. 

As Beautiful as Ever

“Eternals” is also beautiful. Each location brings something pleasing to the eye no matter how dark or light the setting. The cinematography in every scene captures some great visuals that makes this one of Marvel’s better-looking movies. 

Also, the visual effects are still as good as ever. If there’s one thing you can count on when seeing a Marvel movie, it’s fantastic looking visuals. From every wave of energy that causes ripples in the air, to the destruction of a building, “Eternals” delivers.

Of course, you can’t have amazing visuals without great sound design to accompany them. When characters fly through buildings, the sounds of every impact are very realistic. My favorite sound in the entire film has to be the buzz of laser beams that fire out of the eyes of Madden’s Ikaris. So, it’s safe to say the film’s sound is just as good as its visuals. 

Nothing is Perfect

Now, on top of the pros in the film, there are some flaws as well. One of them being an overabundance of comedy. Don’t get me wrong, I love comedy in movies when used sparingly and at the right time, but “Eternals” relies on it too much. Especially with Nanjiani’s character Kingo. There are a few jokes that caused the occasional chuckle but for the most part, they fell flat. 

Another is how events in the story felt all over the place. The film takes place in many different moments in time, so it forces you to retain information that has happened centuries apart while also trying to keep track of present events. I understand why it’s structured that way, but it kind of made it hard to keep up at times. 

Overall, “Eternals” is a good movie that many fans will enjoy. Especially because of an end credits scene that will excite many more.