Netflix’s ‘Clickbait’ Limited Series: TV Review


Valeria Yanez

Clickbait is currently Number 4 in the Top 10 on Netflix for the US.


Clickbait is a limited series that has reached the top 10 most viewed in the U.S. for Netflix. The series consists of eight episodes each being around forty to fifty minutes long. The show gives you a mix of a thriller and drama all in one. Clickbait is the perfect title for this series. It’s thorough and clever.

The limited series starts off with a normal American family who above all love each other despite their differences. Nick Brewer is a character on the show who is abducted; leaving his family with questions after a video of him goes viral online. In the video Nick is holding up a sign with a very serious confession. It becomes an internet sensation leaving the public to create theories of their own.

Furthermore, the series shows how nowadays the internet can be very deceitful. Nick Brewer seemed to live a double-life, the media soon found out secrets they started to pull off of Nick and his various accounts with social media. The media blew out of proportion details of what happened for the sake of views. Meanwhile, the Brewer family has to fight for Nick and prove that he is innocent; not knowing what is true and what isn’t. With every episode secrets unfold giving us a bit of truth every time. The truth always comes to light, at least we hope so.

Most of all, Clickbait is about a man who is part of a horrible tragedy, whose family’s mission is to find him innocent and clear his name. The series makes great points on how society thinks they know someone or something based on news or posts on social media. In reality, a lot can be blown out of proportion. The internet will always be deceitful. Therefore, Clickbait on Netflix gets a 9/10.