Party People, Why Do We Party?


Cesar E. Gonzalez

Different types of people coming together to enjoy their favorite music.

Cesar E. Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Why Do People Party?

By: Cesar E. Gonzalez

        In the Los Angeles area there are many ways to have fun, and for some, the nightlife on weekends means partying it up at their favorite music venue. People look forward to these types of events every weekend especially after a long week of their usual routine, i.e., their 9-5 job, full-time schooling, ors both. The underground party scene always attracts different people, from personalities, hobbies, interests, and even those successful in their careers. It can vary,  from Los Angeles locals to those who live out of the state or country. Basically, anyone who appreciates the nightlife-party scene knows what really goes down. I was able to interview a few people to ask them why they enjoy partying. Destiny Castro from Glendora, CA said, “Sometimes my job can be stressful and I need a little motivation to get to the end of my week to let loose, you know, so I can get some me-time.”

Her favorite thing about the nightlife scene in L.A. is definitely the music, especially when she needs to get away from the stress of her job as a one-on-one aide for kids with autism. Castro, when asked what her favorite type of music is, told me that it is classic rock, and that her favorite band is Led Zeppelin. Another local party-goer by the name of Christina from the L.A. area had this to say, “These types of events are fun, they give you a chance to be yourself, to dance and be free, just feel good, and get good vibes from other people and share as a community.”

She also mentioned that it is not only about the music but also about the art and culture of these nightlife events that take place where those with the same interests can come together. “I enjoy the underground party scene because it is always an adventure to get there,” is something Christina said.

She was very specific about her favorite genre of music which is Detroit-style techno. As a speech language pathologist, she can agree that after a long stressful, productive, and eventful week it pays off when you’re able to attend your favorite party scene. I was able to interview one more fellow party-goer by the name of Abraham De Jesus Vazquez, who has been participating in these types of parties for about 10 years now. He does general labor for a construction company and has lived in the L.A. area for eight years. Vazquez had this to say, “Getting to see artists that I usually don’t get to see, unlike your typical cliché concerts, these kinds of parties play more of my music taste.”

Vazquez claimed that house music was his favorite genre of music and that DJ Nature was a favorite. Vazquez also said, “Music, as cliché as it sounds, is a universal language bro, dancing parties bring people together!”

Regardless of how you view it, the nightlife party scene continues to bring what the people crave and allows them to unwind. One good thing about the particular party scene in Los Angeles, is if one didn’t have the chance to make it out in person, they could still tune in weekly to their favorite DJ set on their own time and listen to their music from the comfort of their own home via the Soundcloud app. You could also find more information about different events along with pricing and descriptions through some apps like RA Guide, Bandsintown, or BLAST found on Google Play or the App Store.