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Trumpism and the GOP

Catrina Ritter, Staff Writer

One of the things that baffles me the most about the current presidential race, is why Trump has the support he does from conservatives. Trump is in no way conservative. He has no principles. He supports making government bigger by putting tariffs on foreign goods. He wants to be able to sue the press which is a slippery slope to violating the first amendment. He lies to his fanbase and they eat it up. He pretends to be this devoutly religious person, and says Two Corinthians (side note, whether or not Trump is religious is irrelevant to me. I don’t like the fact he pretends to be something he is not, and very poorly I might add). He flip flops on almost every political position he has ever claimed to have held. These are just the minor things, I’ll go more into detail about some of the events that have proven Trump is a toxic candidate. 

1. The David Duke incident

For those of you who haven’t heard, a few months ago Trump got an endorsement from former Klansmen David Duke. When he was first asked about it, he disavowed David Duke. Later, when asked about it again, he kept dodging and trying not to answer the question. This, rightfully so, started a controversy. And many Trump supporters kept saying, “He disavowed the first time, why did they have to keep asking?” Which is a good point, but anyone who has ever payed attention to GOP politics knows the media always goes after Republicans. This isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Even so, it still doesnt change the fact that he should disavow Klansmen whenever he is asked about it. That would be like if someone was asked 100 times if they think its awful that gay people are stoned or thrown off of buildings for being gay in many muslim countries, if 99 times you say its awful and the last time say “Well…” the first 99 don’t matter.

2. His feud with Megyn Kelly.

During a debate on Fox News toward the beginning of the presidential race, Megyn Kelly was one of the moderators who asked Trump a question he apparently didn’t like. Because of that, Trump has been in a feud with Kelly that has lasted months. Its incredibly annoying for the frontrunner of one of the two main political parties to make a big deal about a question asked by a journalist. Especially since we dont even know for sure if she even came up the question. She could have been handed a list of questions to ask. But even if she did come up with the question, its nothing compared to what he would get from left leaning news outlets. If Trump really thinks that he won’t be asked hard questions while running for president then he’s in for a rude awakening.

3. Trump is the Republican Obama.

Everyone, Republican or Democrat, who has been following the race knows that Trump definitely has bad qualities. One of the things that concerns me the most about Trumps run for president is that many of his fans, the Trumpkins, will overlook anything bad he does just because they like him as a candidate. Trump knows this. Thats why he even flat out said that he could shoot someone at 5th avenue in New York and his fans will still love him. Its an extremely dangerous mindset for a potential Commander-in-Chief to have. An example I’ll give is that when talking to a Trumpkin about the Michelle Fields incident (I wont be covering that because thats an entire separate articles worth of writing) after I finally got the person to acknowledge that Trumps story changed 3 times, he didn’t care. The fact that Trumps story changed didn’t matter, Michelle Fields was the liar because Trump can apparently do no wrong. His followers remind me a lot of when Barrack Obama was running for president and was treated like the second coming of Jesus Christ. But instead of Hope and Change, its Make America Great Again.

4. His opinion changes every five seconds.

He says something, the media freaks out, he reels it back until his position is completely different from the original. See Trumps opinion on Abortion, Israel, Healthcare, to name a few. These are just in the process of his campaign.

5. He cries whenever he loses. He makes a big deal out of nothing.

After the Colorado primaries, Trump was saying that the system was rigged. If he thought the rules were unfair why did he wait until the last minute to complain?

There was also the incident where an anti Trump superpack released an attack ad directed at Trump using a picture of Trumps wife, Melania Trump when she posed nude for a magazine years ago. Trump, of course blamed Ted Cruz, who had no association with the superpack. Trump later retweeted a meme someone made putting a nice picture of Melania next to an unflattering picture of Cruz’s wife Heidi Cruz. It was basically a “My wife is hotter than yours” tweet.

To summarize this, I’d say that most of these arguments boil down to, Trump is inconsistent, unprofessional, un-presidential, and doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. Unlike Cruz or Kasich, Trump has no record we can look at to see if he’s really conservative or if he’s just saying things people want to hear. He makes promises he probably wont be able to keep (Trump wall). And last but not least, he’s reactionary. He doesnt have the virtue, patience, knowledge, and small government leanings that will be needed for a good Republican president and it’s extremely disappointing that he will be the nominee.

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Trumpism and the GOP