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The Rise of Insurgents : Why People Love Trump and Sanders

Catrina Ritter, Staff Writer


Catrina Ritter

Catrina Ritter

I have been watching the political process of choosing the 2016 candidate for president on both sides of the political aisle since the beginning, and it has been an exciting turn of events. Two candidates in particular, and their fan bases, have really stood out in this election process, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. No matter how you feel about them, there’s no denying that they both have exceeded expectations, gained a lot of momentum and been the subject of many hilarious memes.

Donald Trump

What? This must be a joke. This was what I was thinking when Trump announced he was running for president. Since then he has risen in popularity and became the Republican front runner. He has arguably been the most controversial Republican candidate for president ever. The media attacks him all the time, sometimes he deserves it, sometimes he doesn’t. Most people have strong feelings about him, you either love him or hate his guts.

I asked Trump supporters on social media why they support Trump and this is what they had to say.

#1 Trump isn’t a politician, so he speaks what’s on his mind. Trump says what everyone else is afraid to.

#2 Trump brought up issues no one else was talking about like illegal immigration.

#3 He isn’t scared of being silenced by the liberal main stream media.

#4 He is concerned about Americans first and his campaign proves it. He will give Washington the kick in the rear it needs to get its act together. Current politicians do not live up to their promises, and care more about re-election and making donors happy than putting Americans first! The politicians and media have created this man, because the pendulum had to swing back eventually. And I love every minute of it.

#5 Cruz is a hardliner and unwilling to compromise, which is necessary in politics.


Bernie Sanders

I don’t think anyone saw Bernie coming. When his campaign started, I personally thought he would be a place holder on the debate stage until Hillary Clinton won the nomination. Clinton and her supporters probably thought so too (considering some of the nasty comments coming from Clinton supporters toward Sanders supporters lately). I was quickly proven wrong. He moved the Democratic Party farther to the left then Clinton ever would have. Whether or not that is a bad thing is up to you the reader, since if I answered that could be a whole new article. I didn’t expect his campaign to reach the level of excitement that has. I’m still convinced that Clinton will win the nomination, but Sanders won’t make it easy for her.

I also asked Bernie Sanders supporters on social media why they support Sanders and this is what they had to say.

#1 Bernie is authentic and is really for the people.

#2 Bernie has been advocating for the same inclusive, progressive policies for over fifty years

#3 He will address the issue of Climate Change.

#4 Bernie stood up for the weak even when it wasn’t popular. Bernie supported same sex marriage since the 80’s whereas Hillary opposed same sex marriage until 2011. Bernie does the right thing, not because its politically advantageous, but because its right.

#5 He’s against a corrupt campaign finance system. Corporations run elections and their candidates do their bidding. 


A few recurring themes I have seen reading the comments from Trump and Sanders supporters is that they believe their candidate is the most genuine, cares about them. Both sides think their candidate is incorruptible and will do what needs to be done to end the corruption in Washington. Both candidates promise things to their supporters that they may not be able to deliver, in Trumps case, the wall on our southern border (that Mexico is gonna pay for), and in Sanders case, free college (that he’s going to pay for by taking rich peoples money), and these candidates have become really popular because of it. No matter what happens in this election, no matter who wins the primaries, there’s no doubt these two candidates have heavily impacted the political race, for better or for worse.

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The Rise of Insurgents : Why People Love Trump and Sanders