Adam & Eve: Halloween

Quote of the week: “It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare.” (1978 Halloween).

How old is too old for Trick or Treating?

Eve: My last year that I joined in the festivities of Trick or Treating was my 7th grade year, and it was honestly my most memorable time because I was able to go with a group of friends and I got to ditch my parents. So I think the best age to ditch the Pumpkin Pail is when you graduate from middle school, because after you are at the age when you want to go to Halloween parties. I know for a fact that I traded in my candy bag for a 40z right when I got into high school.

Adam: You’re never too old! Haha! Well…not for one of my uncles. No, honestly, it’s a right of passage. I think it happens when you start enjoying hanging out with friends more and being more social. With me, I stopped right before high school like my girl Eve. I know some friends who stopped in 10th grade. I think you should stop when you feel ready to stop. It’s one of the blessings we have in our childhood. Truths…I sometimes wish I could trick-or-treat. But then again, I do enjoy hanging out in the hills. hehehe

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

Eve: I have two favorite things about Halloween. First favorite thing about Halloween is pumpkin carving, each year I always go out on my pumpkins. I love being challenged when it comes to creating a craved pumpkin; my obsession is so intense that I actually want to start competing in pumpkin carving. Second favorite thing is of course getting drunk in a costume, meaning HALLOWEEN PARTIES! It’s so odd because during the whole year I try to avoid going to parties, but when its Halloween time I try to go to a party every weekend.

Adam: Besides my birthday inching closely, my favorite things about Halloween are the decorations, the costumes, the movies and the parties. I enjoy the weather too. Not too big on the pumpkins, but I do enjoy watching people go nuts.

We’ll have Eve post up some pictures of her carvings. Haha!

What are the best horror films to watch?

Eve: I am a huge fan of horror films, I love the feeling of my heart racing knowing some scary s**t is about to pop out. So what movies do I enjoy watching every year? I had a list of 5 movies but ill just give my top two. First is: The Last House on the Left, BUT, it has to be the 1972 Wes Craven’s version (RIP WES). When the first time I watched this movie it literally f***ed me up in the head, but it ended up being once of my favorite Wes Craven movies and I loved it so much I wrote a 7 page essay on it. Now my second favorite movie to watch during Halloween is a foreign Japanese movie: Ringu. This movie still scares me to this day and I’ve probably watched it over 30 times. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DONT WATCH THE AMERICAN VERSION! It’s straight doo doo.

Adam: You can’t go wrong with the classics. The classics will always serve their purpose and definitely opened the doors to what we have today. Honestly, we need more scary movies. Most of the one’s we have out there suck! Well…except for some 70s and 80s films. What do I recommend? The Conjuring. Honestly, it’s a great film to watch. If you haven’t watched it, watch it NOW!!! I also enjoyed Annabelle. It had some intense moments. As you can tell I’m more of a suspense horror fan than gory fan. Also, a movie that always tripped me out was Silent Hill. It’s not scary, it’s just well thought of. haha

AH!! I almost forgot, THE SHINING!

Oh, and remember, you can’t go wrong with Wes Craven. That guy was a legend.

By the way, did you know that A Nightmare on Elm Street was based on a true story?

What your opinion on “slutty” Halloween Costumes?

Eve: Honestly, I think its fine to dress a little risqué on Halloween, but if you’re going out in a G-String and some nipple pasties then girl you need JESUS! There’s a huge difference on dressing Sexy and dressing like a 25-cent hooker. Please Ladies show some skin, but don’t show all of it. Remember we want men to fantasize what we look like underneath our costumes, and how the hell we going to do that if you giving out free samples.

Adam: I agree with Eve 100 percent on this one. Girls: You are beautiful; don’t go out looking like tools unless you want to be used. Guys, don’t a douche. Always respect women. “Slutty” costumes are awesome though. They’re even better when you’re taking them off your girl after the parties are over. ;^)