Is it worth the update?

Written by Cecilia Juarez, Staff Writer

Cecilia Juarez

As everyone might know, Apple came out with their newest gadget-being the iPhone 6s. The phone comes with better picture quality (12 MP), a new feature called 3D Touch, live pictures, and now comes with more durable glass.

Those who either have the iPhone 5s and/or the iPhone 6 and think it isn’t worth the upgrade, really consider that upgrade. The new 3D Touch makes life a little bit easier now instead of having to go through safari to check a link a friend send you for an upcoming event, the latest fashion or for any other reason, now you could see a preview without actually going to the app to look it up, and it does the same thing for directions.

Another great thing is the picture quality, now your selfies come out more clearly with a 5MP front facing camera, this also makes FaceTime clearer. The phone also comes with what Apple calls ‘live picture’ which captures moments before and after the picture is taken, which can also be set as your lock screen and also comes with flash on the front camera.

The design of the phone is more durable, with a stronger glass and stronger aluminum. The phone has the same design as its predecessor.

Both phones; iPhone 6s and 6s plus, come in 12GB, 64GB and 128GB. Unfortunately, the phone is no longer available in the 32 GB configuration and is available now in four colors to choose from: gold, silver, space gray and the new rose gold (pink).