Speak Out

Written by Erika Canchola, Staff Writer

What is your opinion on student-teacher based relationships on a college level?


Well first and foremost that if the student is in the class it could be a conflict of interest, however I think in the right situation that could be a hot situation. I think why not, I think if that if the student it over aged and they are two mature individuals, what they do out of class is their own god damn business but however that does not mean it’s an easy A, this is not a movie where you come to class and wear a red scarlet a upon your left tit. It doesn’t mean that, it means that you’re an adult and you conduct in a mature, fashionable way. You’re here to do class and your relationship is apart from class. That should not come into class, let’s not mix construe you’re not going to sit in the front row and flutter your eyes and say “give me an A”. No, no, no you’re going to sit in the middle of class and participate in class just like every other student. I feel like it’s a double standard, if the professor was male and the student is female it may be seem as she’s trying to use him and trying to get a good grade but if it’s a guy and the professor is a women then it’d be seen as something like she’s a cougar or he’s trying to play her. So I don’t know it think it’s an age thing it depends on where they are in their life but at the end of the day it’s no one’s god damn business. When the scandal breaks and that’s the other thing but when the scandal breaks and I don’t know why it’s a scandal but everyone finds out why do people run away? Is it something we should run away from? No I think people should really, no I was with the professor and that’s my business but then the grade comes under fire. Well that’s why so and so and got a better grade, I don’t know it’s just a volatile you have to keep it to yourself. It should be very hush hush. That’s my two cents.

Jonathan Monzon, 23


I think it’s kind of their own business. I think it’s a double standard when it’s a guy dating a girl student whereas a female professor dating a male student may not look as bad. I can see where it can be misconstrued as inappropriate but I also feel that it has to be in the proper context. I think it could work out if it’s appropriate I think.

Gilbert Martinez, 23


The results are always an element of power involved. I can understand that in an academic environment that this has happened more basis than we are often aware of, simply because putting adults in a working environment together more often relationships may occur but I think its incumbent on the professors to remember that there is a power dynamic almost consistently present in a relationship with out student and being close and establishing immediacy with our students shouldn’t translate into intimacy with our students. I think people make that mistake, personally I feel that the differences between the power dynamics make it irresponsible to engage in such behavior.

Professor Grant, 29