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Student Speakout Global Warming

Do you think Global Warming is an issue and if it is, is there something we could be doing about it?


Josefina Lepe, 21

“Yeah of course, as you can see this winter was really hot and this summer was freezing last week, global climate change is definitely a thing. I feel we can do something but people are really lazy and not many people want to do anything about it, but if we all got together to change that I’m sure it would make a difference.”

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Deanna Castillo, 19

“Yes I do think it is an issue, I think Global Warming should be more informed in order for people to start doing something about it.”


Nelson Lucha, 21

“I think as a whole is more difficult because it’s not easy to get a lot of people to do something about it.”


Angel Buenrostro, 18

“Yes I do think that global warming is an issue even more because LA is one of the most polluted city in the nation, I think we should cut down in the smog we emit daily.”


Josh Hernandez, 20

“First of all I think global warming is real but a lot of people are inactive about the situation, I think we should have done something about it a long time ago.”


Jose Martinez, 18

“Yeah it think global warming is an issue, and I do think we should be cutting back with co2 emissions.”


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