Outlook on the welfare system

There are many deceiving things that occur on a daily basis all throughout the country. It can involve fraud, marital affairs or even the deception of the United States Government.

While working in retail, I have noticed something that I find extremely frustrating and borderline offensive. The company I work for accepts EBT which can be described as General Relief Welfare for low income U.S citizens. The General Relief program is being funded by tax payers like you and I.

I have seen women pull out their government funded debit cards and use those cards to pay for cosmetic items, high cost hair care products and other high cost unnecessary items that are not needed.

One thing I have also noticed about these women who pay with Welfare is that they often times have the money to have their nails done by a salon professional or they have a designer handbag around their arm.

I have even seen these people who receive government funded assistance have Mercedes Benz or BMW keys on their key ring.

As surprising as it may seem these women and men who are living and abusing the government have no shame or remorse about any of their deceiving actions. They’re being inconsiderate and abusive.

There is also another government funded assistance program called SNAP. SNAP can be described as food stamps for low income U.S citizens. Many mothers and fathers rely on SNAP to put a meal on the table for their children which is understandable as long as they truly do qualify for the program.

Most supermarkets accept SNAP as a form of payment. It is sickening that fast food chains and even liquor stores accept SNAP as a form of payment.

The government does not set any nutritional requirements while receiving benefits. Parents can give their children junk food and there is nothing that is said to them.

While I did my research for these programs there are really no proper documents or forms needed to get this type of assistance by the federal government. It is easy to get approved and most people who qualify get their benefits within a two week period.

I truly believe that if the government took the extra step to do proper background checks and have certain requirements then the welfare system wouldn’t seem so corrupt. The government pays their workers extremely well and all they do is just approve or deny applicants.

There is no follow up or any other extensive background research done. Tax payers which include college students are paying for the corruption of the U.S social services programs.

I feel that if the government doesn’t do extensive background checks then they should limit the kind of items that beneficiaries are allowed to receive.

Requiring proper documentation on living expenses, tax forms and all income should be necessary while receiving government funded assistance. There so many people throughout the country who need help but are unable to receive it. Yet, many people are abusing and causing corruption within the government.

The employees of Social Services should put more effort and passion in their jobs to ensure that all citizens can get the help they truly do need.

While applying for general relief or food stamps there is a portion of the application that states that people who provide false information can face a jail sentence or a large fine. Many people do not even get their benefits taken away when they got caught abusing the system.

The State of California does not even require parents or any other type of beneficiaries to take drug tests. There is no way to monitor the usage of the funds that get taken out when they are given to the recipients of general relief.

The beneficiaries can use their funds to buy whatever they may please. It is sickening that corruption like this occurs every day and nothing is being done about it.

There are so many people across the country who are starving and go without the necessary items that are needed for survival. The government should monitor and regulate their funds so that the people who truly need assistance can receive it.

I feel that since the government employees who work for the Social Services department are able to make a livelihood then they should be willing to help those who cannot.