Mother isn’t to blame for father taking newborn to New Zealand

After finding out that her child was born with Down syndrome she divorced her husband after he wanted to keep his newborn son. The divorce lawyer say that Ruzan Badalyan, the mother, gave birth to a baby boy named Leo while in Armenia and divorced her husband, Samuel Forrest shortly after he decided to keep his son and move to New Zealand.

In Armenia, traditions are different than those commonly practiced here in the U.S. Kids born with such conditions are put in an orphanage because they are “defective”. The mother said that letting the child go was one of the “hardest moments” of her life and that it was a huge shock to her and relatives when the doctors read the diagnosis to her.

According to, Several hours after giving birth, Badalyan spent a lot of time trying to decide on the “best destiny” or her newborn child. Forrest decided that it would just be best if he and his son moved to another country so that the situation was remedied. In the mother’s defense she states, “In the hardest moment of my life when my husband should be next to me and support and help to take the right decision, I could not find any support from his side.” Hire attorneys in Phoenix attorneys for child custody after divorce

Badalyan then continues to explain, “After that incident, he left the hospital notifying me hours later that he was taking the kid with him, that he is going to leave the country for New Zealand and I do not have anything to do with the situation.”

After all this, Samuel made the decision himself to take his newborn to a better life with himself in New Zealand apparently not giving Badalyan any voice. “Without giving me any option and trying to find with me any solution in this hardest situation, he started to circulate the story on every possible platform without even trying to give me a voice accusing that I put him an ultimatum marriage or the baby, which is absolutely not true. I tried several times to communicate but he never tried to listen me and to find common solutions. The only response was the accusation from his part.”

Perhaps this is a case of a husband wanting some attention by misinterpreting the words of his ex-wife or is it really the mother’s fault that her newborn had to do with the divorce and a better life for himself and his father elsewhere? Many experts request to ‘check my site‘ for answers.