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It’s okay to be bare during Halloween

With Halloween approaching fast, many people head to the stores or look in their closets for Halloween costumes. As it has become a tradition as of late, many females will be letting it all hang out, literally. Leaving nothing to the imagination and letting the males see what they’re working with.

As a female, I feel that times have gotten more liberal and people are now more open-minded.  As adults we should be allowed to wear whatever makes us happy and whatever we feel comfortable in.

I understand that many people associate slutty costumes with slutty behavior, but this is not the case for everyone. It’s okay for women to dress like this once a year for Halloween. Now if it becomes a habit, then one can see it as a problem.

I do not dress up for Halloween, at least not every year. The last time I did it was in 2012 and I wore a Supergirl costume, which wasn’t very revealing. But we have come a long way since then. As long as the female isn’t acting in a disrespectful way to herself and others, there should be no problem with what she decides to wear for such an occasion.

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It is once a year that people dress up and pretend to be something they are not. It is a way to have fun and keep the tradition going. As long as mothers and sisters are not setting a bad example for the females in their lives, I see no problem.

There are costumes for all ages and the older you get the more revealing they become. There is a reason for that. The people who make these costumes are well aware that no one wants little girls walking around with the minimum clothes on. And the adults in the family know it is not okay for little girls to be dressing like older women do.

Halloween is the one time of the year where many rules can be broken and things that would not be okay on an everyday basis become okay. For example, handing out candy and eating as much as you want. If we allowed kids to do this on every day, they would have cavities and be on a sugar high all the times.

This is the one night of the year where there are no limits. If the females are in a safe environment and amongst friends, I do not see the problem. The real problem is when they start drinking and smoking. They not only become unaware of what is going on, but they also become vulnerable to sexual assault.

The males need to be in as much self-restraint as are the females. Just because they are dressed up in a revealing kind of way does not mean that they are throwing themselves at people, nor that they are inviting others to touch them or assault them in anyway. As long as the females carry themselves in an adult manor, there should be no problem with what they choose to wear.


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