Is Ebola the new joke?

As most people already know, the Ebola virus disease has been spreading and has a high risk of death. It has killed an average of 50% of the people infected. This has been the main topic on the news lately. In my opinion the news has been exaggerating this situation and has people scared.

But lately, in my opinion, both the younger and older generation have taken it too far by making it a joke. They pretty much added the word to the urban dictionary already. The word is being used for any little thing especially on social media such as Twitter and Instagram. Twitter is where mainly all the jokes are being posted.

Some tweets about it are:

  • “Can pumpkins have Ebola?”
  • “More Americans have been dumped by Taylor swift than have died from Ebola.”
  • “If I have Ebola I know who I’m sneezing on first.”
  • “Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 had Ebola.”
  • “Halloween costume idea? Slutty Ebola.”

Those are just a few I’ve seen on twitter. There are plenty more and some that are much more ignorant. Is it really necessary to post stuff like that?

Even when I sneeze, I no longer get a “bless you,” instead I get an “oh my god, you have Ebola! Stay away from me!” That’s not funny thing to joke about. If someone doesn’t have it, don’t yell it out loud and have people think they do and start a rumor.

Saying those things don’t make you look cool, to me, it makes people look immature. And just because someone starts making stupid jokes, it doesn’t mean other should follow along and join in. I hope this “trend” dies out soon because Ebola isn’t anything to joke about.