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Halloween: Not a slutty holiday

Halloween is in the air! It’s that time of year again where many say it is the one and only day women can dress slutty. Whether one agrees with that saying or not, all I can say is that when I go out on halloween, all I see inappropriately revealing costumes.

Not to mention, these type of women show way too much skin that I forget what the whole meaning of Halloween is. I understand it is dressing up as whatever one chooses to be , but also, where is the respect?

For example, last Halloween I was invited to a party. In the event, there were so many creative costumes from singles, couples and groups. It was pretty cool!

However, there were a few with revealing costumes, but the worst one of all that caught mine and everyone’s attention was this one girl with an all lace piece. Under her one lace piece she was nude! I mean we saw everything! That to me was very provocative, disturbing and just plain wrong. In contrast, many men were enjoying her company and presence as she walked around, pretty much, naked.

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Not to mention, she won best costume. I was in shock, not only because she won, but because there were better costumes out in the crowd; she thought that was  appropriate for her to wear and walk out of her house like that!

I really do not see what is so cute of women dressed up in such a way just  for attention. Honestly, I think it is kind of sad. Especially, since, it has to do with creativity, getting kids together to go trick or treating, decorating the house, varieties of candies, pumpkin carvings and just having fun.

Normally, when I dress up with my friends we go more conservative like being a referee, painting on our face like the Dia de Los Muertos, being a pumpkin, lawyers, bloody nurses and/or a celebrity.

It’s very fun being creative with our costumes. Its i all about creativity and that’s all that counts. I really do not comprehend why women need to take it to the next level of slutty to call it “creative” as if that is being creative! On the contrary, that’s being an attention seeking person.

In my opinion, women shouldn’t get to that low level of dressing down as Halloween spirit. There are various ways to look nice in a costume and making it look playful without coming off as cheap.

It does not give a positive connotation when I see women dressed to call for attention from others. I feel that since they do not get any attention, the way they try to seek it is by stripping down, showing almost everything to everyone just to have eyes on them.

We all have encountered on Halloween a group of females out when partying or even going out with our little nieces and nephews trick or treating that these women are  dressed up as a naughty nurse, slutty french maid, slutty gypsy, “sexy” cat or a slutty something with their cleavage all exposed almost to the verge of disgusting. It makes me wonder what goes on in their minds when going out in public.

I adamantly believe that dressing provocatively does not empower women! Halloween should not be known for the day that women can dress like sluts! It should have the connotation of having fun, trick or treating, candy bags, and enjoying the holiday for what it really is; a holiday in which we all love to celebrate, drink and go all out for.

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