The Dodger ripoff

This weekend I enjoyed a nice day with my family at the Dodger game. I have been to the Stadium since Magic Johnson and other corporate sponsors have bought the team. The renovations have improved the stadium. Bathrooms, seats, and paintings all do look significantly different.

Yes, the stadium looks nice. I saw no trash, the employees were kind and willing to help but the cost of items is what I found the most bizarre. One bottle of water was $6.25. The service fee for pulling cash out of an ATM was $4 and parking was $15 Unless you wanted to take the preferred parking route which would cost $50 Most alcoholic beverages can be sold at about $10.

I do understand that since players are getting huge contracts with million dollar salaries that something’s do have to change but the strain of cost that the Dodgers are putting on fans is ridiculous. The price of games is not family friendly.

The average family of four spends over $200 at games. Pavilion seats are selling on third party ticket websites for $40 dollars or more compared to three years ago when they sold for $12.

The game I went to was a rivalry game against the San Francisco Giants are I did notice some Dodger fans say really rude comments and make violent gestures towards some of the Giants fans. During that time I did not see one security guard or public official.

I do not see myself going to a Dodger Game soon, they are a great organization but the cost is not fan friendly, especially for a working college student.