Internet Privacy: Why You Should Be Concerned

As technology is continuing to evolve, the means of communications between one individual to another have transformed from verbal to digital. Instead of actually meeting face-to-face, it’s much more convenient to just send a “text message” than to meet up with your peers. In a time-poor society and modern age that we live in today, this makes absolute sense to go with this alternative. We aimlessly type away our thoughts and click “send,” expecting a response.

When I say “aimlessly,” majority of us never ponder as what happens in between this digital process. The NSA (National Security Agency) recently has been caught in dipping into Verizon Communications phone records; collecting domestic and international phone calls. This had brought attention to the masses, spreading like wildfire and left many feeling violated.

It goes to say that some degree of surveillance is needed in order to protect us from those who pose a threat. However “suspicion-less” surveillance is unnecessary and even poses a threat to the innocent. The shadows of the NSA’s activities ultimately violates our basic rights that our founding fathers had intended for us. These violations, let alone done in secrecy, would be an insult to them and all efforts to build a free nation is lost.

If this already doesn’t scare you, imagine this…

We live in a dystopic society in which we all live in fear of a higher power. This higher power surveys everyone one of our activities, constantly keeping an eye on you. You, the innocent individual, do your regular commute and do your job as you are told but decide to cut a few corners on the job. Nonetheless the job is finished and the company is content and pays for your work.

The all Seeing Eye can use this one bit of information against you terrorizing your world upside down and is able to do anything from depriving you of your job to throwing you in prison for life.  This ultimately makes everyone a victim, even the innocent ones. The government who knows every single little detail of you can destroy you in matter of seconds.

Regardless if you abide by the law, pay your taxes, and mind your own business; there are things that should never be said. Perhaps you are gay and you don’t want your employers or your peers to find out? Or what if you support a cause that if everyone were to find out would look down upon you? Privacy, as a basic right, would cease to exist and secrecy is impossible; everything is on the table.

As radical as it may sound, our nation is becoming closer and closer to George Orwell’s 1984 nightmare. This type of violation is even seen earlier in American history with President Nixon’s infamous wiretapping; the Watergate Scandal. Many people fled to this country to find solace and privacy and yet these promises are coming short. Wouldn’t you say you feel cheated and violated by now? Someone’s watching you as you read this now…